AXION BOTS is open-source software that lets you build and run customizable trading strategies. Automate your trading  24/7 days, 365 days a year.

Financial markets, from cryptocurrencies, commodities to stocks, operate with a mountain of information. To effectively apply data analytics in the financial world, we need to collect large amounts of data and gain insights from it.

Paving new frontiers with automation, AXION BOTS is our proprietary programme we developed that executes pre-set rules for entering and exiting trades.

The key modules to AXION BOTS success:

  1. Market Data Analysis
    Analyzing raw market data from different sources, interpret it and decide whether to buy/sell. The different types of data to go into the signal generator sector to get refined results can be customized.
  2. Market Risk Prediction
    Analyzing raw market data to calculate the potential risk in the market. Based on that information, the bot will decide how much to invest or trade.

  3. Buying/selling the assets
    This module of the bot uses APIs to trade strategically. Sometimes, trading in big lots should be avoided. On the other hand, some situations call for immediate purchases. This execution module takes care of such aspects. It also has the power to trail financial markets and therefore it can close trades at the highest profit positions.

By incorporating AXION BOTS into our trading system, auto trading enables us to carry out many trades in a small amount of time which changes the gameplay and strategies used. It also gives us the added benefit of removing emotions from trading decisions.